Right here’s an interactive 4K view of Perseverance’s Mars touchdown website

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has posted an interactive 360-degree view of the Perseverance touchdown website on Mars in 4K decision. It’s the most recent jaw-dropping imagery to return from the mission, together with that incredible video of the rover plunging via the Martian environment earlier than being “skycraned” all the way down to the floor of the crimson planet.

The 60-second video was captured by Perseverance’s coloration Navcams perched atop a sensing mast above the rover. The scene could be navigated in a browser or within the YouTube app in your cellphone. The pictures have been captured on February 20th, two days after the Perseverance landed within the Jezero Crater. Perseverance has a complete of 23 cameras, essentially the most of any Mars rover to this point: 16 for engineering and science…

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