Japanese Monsters and brutes in gaming

So after thorough pondering i got here to the conclusion that this sub could also be the most effective becoming for the query im about to pose, as many avid gamers are quite studious in mythologies all over the world.

In fashionable online game media japanese tradition and mythology is a really current theme. And all through many video games i've performed, i've come to note one thing concerning the bigger humanoid sort enemies. Their combating typically appears a bit… sloppy.. One thing that may be very apparent in east asian impressed video games is that the combating kinds (kung fu, swordfighting and so forth) is at all times depicted as this type of artwork. That the demons, the final word dangerous guys from a japanese lore standpoint would precisely fail at that would appear quite believable. 2 Examples immediately spring to my thoughts:

  1. Demon of hatred from Sekiro. Even doe he was once a shinobi (sorry for the spoiler) the demon fights extra like an animal than a shinobi. Particularly since he does generally strike a pose in sure strikes, they appear as if theyre badly executed.
  2. The demon from the latest Yasuo cinematic. Typically lies on the bottom, falls after evading and lunges on the enemy with stretched arms. Not what you'd count on in a setting like Ionia.

So the query is. Is that this only a coincidence or is that this really backed in Japanese folklore?

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